There are already 128 municipal police officers who have tested positive for coronavirus, becoming the group with the most infections. In addition, the death of a fourth agent from Coronavirus was confirmed yesterday. For all these reasons, the Municipal VOX Group at the Madrid City Council considers it essential that the following measures be adopted immediately:

1.- Restructuring of the payroll system, establishing it in a staggered manner, so that three shifts are established; 1/3 would work a week, while the other third of the workforce would be on hold and the remaining third would be confined at home at the disposal of the City Council. Rotating in subsequent weeks.

2.- Staggering of the time of entry to the shifts so that crowds in changing rooms and common areas are avoided.

3.- Formation of binomials from the same quadrant and pay shift, currently 40% of the workforce do not have a fixed binomial, which increases the risks of contagion.

4.- Assignment of the same vehicles and communications laptops to the same pairs, guaranteeing the daily cleaning of the vehicles through the signing of agreements with specialized workshops (currently they are being carried out every 15 days by the agents themselves).

5.- Roll calls in shifts avoiding the excessive accumulation of agents in the same room.

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