He reproaches the first mayor that "Seville is the only city, of the great capitals, next to Barcelona, ​​which has not joined the mourning" and reproaches Swords that the PSOE "does not understand the idiosyncrasy of the Spanish people in times of national mourning"

Seville, April 21, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the Seville City Council has registered a request in which it requests the mayor of the city to Decree official mourning in the city from the next midnight and that the flag of Seville flies at half-mast in all the buildings of municipal ownership.

The VOX municipal spokesperson, Cristina Peláez, has asserted that "it is custom and tradition in our country and, also in the rest of the world, that the different institutions declare a official mourning in moments of mourning. It is symbol of respect for the deceased and also of solidarity with your close family and friends. There are several examples that we have in our memory in which this official mourning has been decreed in our city, which is, at present together with Barcelona, ​​the only major capitals that have not yet joined the mourning ”.

"We have learned yesterday through the local press that this mayor's office intends to declare official mourning for the day of San Fernando, mourning that would last until June 2. So, We understand that it is the will of the Mayor of Seville that we, as a city, can show sincere respect for our neighbors and compatriots ”.

Cristina Peláez has pointed out in this regard that this proposal “is not a question that should be valued from the utility, but a way of showing all the relatives of the deceased during this crisis our condolences and our respect in these very difficult moments. ”

"We are amazed at the attitude of the Government of the Nation, which insensitively, through its spokesperson, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has rejected the black crepe in the Flags of Spain as a symbol of mourning, arguing that it is better to pay tribute to the victims by working than with a black crepe, highlighting that the Government that does not seem to understand the idiosyncrasy of the Spanish people in times of national mourning"

Cristina Peláez recalled that “we are going through a dramatic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As this pandemic is global in nature, it is a well-known fact that it is being extraordinarily dramatic in our country, currently leading the ranking of the number of deaths per million inhabitants. In a unprecedented national disgrace in our recent history, thousands of compatriots have lost their lives to this pandemic, in total, we count the terrifying number of more than 20,000 deceased. Of these, to this day, 214 were residents of Seville and province, according to the latest official data. "

Finally, the municipal spokesperson for VOX in Seville has encouraged the mayor of the city "to urge the Government of the Kingdom of Spain to decree, in the appropriate forms, the official mourning throughout the national territory, being able to extend to our National Flag, what was requested for the flag of our city ”, he concluded.

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