• He reaches out to the mayor "so that he can count on the votes and support of VOX for all those measures he wants to implement to recover the dignity of a neighborhood that to date has been ignored by all municipal governments"

Seville, October 7, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council has demanded that Mayor Juan Espadas keep your promises with the Torreblanca neighborhood and urgently address the serious cleaning and security problems that the area suffers.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Cristina Peláez, who has visited the populous Sevillian neighborhood where more than 40,000 people live, has stated that “Torreblanca is abandoned by the Seville City Council, something that can be seen with the naked eye as soon as you visit its streets and talk to the Sevillians who here they reside. We are talking about a chronic neglect, which comes from afar, but amplified by the ineffectiveness of the government of Juan Espadas, who knows the area well because he has visited it on several occasions to promise specific plans and concrete actions against the municipal laziness whose consequences are obvious, abounding in the marginality that the residents of Torreblanca refuse to accept ”.

“Torreblanca has with the Government of Swords a management problem. It is inconceivable that the Local Police are conspicuous by their absence, that it takes two hours to send a patrol car when they are warned of a robbery, such as the one that has occurred in the Hermandad del Inmaculado Corazón de María, from where they have stolen hundreds of kilos of food that were to be distributed among the neediest families in the neighborhood. The thieves were able to steal everything with peace of mind while the desperate neighbors attended the assault directly. Neighborhoods like Torreblanca suffer like no other from the incompetence of some politicians who are incapable of solving the problem of the lack of local police force ”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX lamented "the lack of basic, elementary policies, such as cleanliness, a problem that affects all of Seville but that in Torreblanca is especially bloody not because its neighbors are more uncivil than in other neighborhoods of the city, but because there is little and bad cleaning here ”.

“Torreblanca's helplessness is also seen in the sports center, where weeds and dirt prevent the use of its facilities, especially by younger people who could have an alternative to the street and the bottle in sport, but here, policies for youth neither arrive nor are expected”.

Cristina Peláez has asserted that “if Juan Espadas has a real interest in solving Torreblanca's problems, has the outstretched hand of VOX from this moment to count on our votes and our support for each and every one of the measures that it wants to implement to recover the dignity of a neighborhood that to date has been ignored by all the municipal governments of Seville and all those who have been part of them. Torreblanca calls for help and we must rise to the occasion, forgetting once and for all the partisan interests that do not help the neighborhoods to get out of marginality ”, he concluded.

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