VOX has presented in the Senate three addition amendments with the aim of improving the repatriation of Spaniards abroad in the event of a crisis such as the one experienced with the Coronavirus. Finally, the amendments have been accepted, but the motion has not gone ahead.

The senator has presented these amendments because "The PP Motion only refers to visiting professors at Universities in other countries, without mentioning the rest of Spanish citizens, also residing abroad, regardless of the cause that compels them to do so." "All Spaniards abroad, regardless of their motive, should be treated equally," he defended.

Marín explained that it is necessary to promote "the mandatory compliance of filling in the registration form that the Foreign Ministry makes available to all Spaniards who travel abroad should be encouraged, which in a crisis situation becomes essential and essential."

He also explained that "action protocols should be established in the event of a crisis so that information, protection and, if necessary, repatriation of all Spaniards residing abroad who want to return to Spain can do so safely and quickly." It is about correcting the "misinformation and lack of coordination that has occurred as a result of the coronavirus pandemic."

Third, the senator has argued, "the staff of both embassies and consulates or Spanish agencies abroad should be increased, if necessary, so that the aforementioned can be carried out correctly and swiftly."

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