The VOX councilor in the Ogíjares City Council, Libertad Padrones, has demanded that the government team "stop indoctrinating minors at the behest of socialcommunism that tries to implant Podemos in our municipality."

«The radical left 'podemita' that raised in power the mayor of the Popular Party, Estefano Polo, who acts with the complicity of the PSOE, wants to manipulate the reasoning of our children with sectarian and neo-Marxist gender ideology policies, and it is inexplicable how the PP allows the extremely dangerous single thought that communism intends to impose on Ogijareño children to be established in the municipality, ”Libertad Padrones denounced.

As the VOX councilor in Ogíjares explained, “the man does not mistreat, he mistreats an abuser, the man does not rape, he rapes a rapist, the man does not kill, he kills a murderer. And the woman is not a victim because she is a woman. Stop demonizing men and victimizing women, stop dividing us and, above all, leave our children alone: ​​Stop imposing the ideologies of the most radical left from the institutions, protect our children, let's teach respect, education, and freedom. Because with respect all children, and all adults, walk together, with confrontation and fear we part ways.

Finally, Libertad Padrones has asked the municipal government to "renounce the ideological agenda of this empty left that only feeds division and social injustice, especially when the mayor no longer needs to maintain his pact with Podemos to expel Paco Plata, with whom he also governs. Do not make the same mistake as your president, José María Aznar, who made a pact with the separatists in exchange for the presidency, and kept the pact when he no longer needed them, against the interests of the majority of citizens: break your pact with the extremists.

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