The Municipal Group of VOX has shown its concern at the imminent closure of the hotel and retail businesses, in view of the laziness of the Government Sub-delegation and the Granada City Council government team when it comes to tackling the problems of agglomerations of people during the nights of the Puente de la Hispanidad.

VOX, in addition, has requested an urgent meeting of the Citizen Protection Commission of the Granada City Council after learning that during the night of Saturday and early Sunday the Local Police have received numerous calls and made 90 complaints for parties in private homes or bottles in the public thoroughfare, and had to dissolve a concentration of people on Ganivet street to comply with the health and safety measures that prevent the proliferation of new COVID-19 infections. This circumstance, as VOX has verified, has become viral through a video broadcast on Social Networks.

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor of VOX, has shown her «enormous concern about the news that we have heard today and therefore we ask the Delegate Councilor of the Citizen Protection Area to clarify what is the real situation that our neighbors suffer during the weekends. We also want to know how the capital's government team is coordinating with the Government Subdelegation so that the National and Local Police can best tackle this terrible situation that is progressing uncontrollably and endangering the lives of the people of Granada. ».

The VOX councilor recalled that in August «our Municipal Group warned that a sanitary disaster was about to occur in the capital if effective measures were not implemented, and we asked the municipal government to prevent the possible transfer of the nightlife in private homes and the creation of a specific brigade of the Local Police to avoid the alteration of neighborhood coexistence. In addition, we fear that everyone will pay just for sinners and that the self-employed and hoteliers who do comply with the established legality will be harmed by the consequences of the negligent acts of these people ”.

"Now we wonder if the Citizen Protection Area has done everything possible to respond to this risk situation derived from the increase in positive cases from COVID-19 or, however, the situation is out of control and coordination between the institutions is failing" , Beatriz Sánchez Agustino has influenced.

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