VOX shows its maximum rejection of the unworthy words of the deputy for Murcia in the Congress of Deputies, Carmen Baños, by publicly expressing on social networks her support and sympathy for the representatives of Bildu, thus threatening the memory and respect of victims of terrorism and their families.

In a recent publication by the Europa Press news agency in which it was reported that the Government “authorized eleven visits by Bildu leaders to ETA prisoners during the first state of alarm”, and in response to a user, Baños argued without scruples that he knows "the deputies of Bildu and they are wonderful people."

VOX Murcia condemns the humiliating publication of the deputy in defense of the bilduetarras and we ask for her immediate resignation. Luis Gestoso, national deputy and member of the Interior Commission in the Congress of Deputies, affirms that he is ashamed “to be in Congress with a person of this indignity. It is an insult to the hundreds of Spaniards and children murdered and maimed by this mob, and he adds: “He cannot represent the Spaniards or Murcians for another second who abhor his words of whitewashing those wretches. She must leave her seat and go to live in Mindragón where there are neighborhoods where she will be "warmly" received by her new friends who murdered many of her fellow socialists ", Gestoso pointed out.

Also, according to the provincial president, José Ángel Antelo, "Diego Conesa must publicly condemn this unworthy position of closeness or he will become an accomplice in the defense of terrorism and the discrediting of the victims shown by Carmen Baños, who exalts the figure of the murderers."

The words of the national deputy praise the hate crimes committed by terrorists in our country and betray the Spanish and the victims of terrorism, for which we demand her immediate resignation. "It is a scandal that a public office holds such irresponsibility to approach the bilduetarras," Antelo concluded.

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