The Municipal Group of VOX in the Granada City Council has visited the northern area of ​​the capital to meet the demands of the district and propose possible solutions to issues such as cuts in the electricity supply and the lack of security and cleanliness suffered by the neighbors.

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor of VOX, has held a meeting with those affected by power outages in neighborhoods such as La Paz or Cartuja. "It is a problem that must be addressed with the involvement of all administrations and the commitment that a remedy will come to the supply interruptions they have suffered for too many years, since it is an unfair situation for those who pay the electricity bill each month. ».

“We have learned from the media that up to 400 power outages have been documented in five months in the North district, which shows that they are not acting with the diligence that this problem requires. The administrations must coordinate effectively with the electricity company, which has already installed transformation centers to alleviate the saturation of the networks as a consequence of the illegal hookups, ”Beatriz Sánchez Agustino insisted.

The neighbors, on the other hand, «have conveyed to us the need for a greater presence of the Local Police to avoid bottles, put an end to the concentrations of vehicles at night, reinforce the garbage and waste collection service – a demand that they send us from all the districts of the capital-, the suitability of checking the sidewalks of the northern area for their poor condition or the disinfection of certain parks, as well as the imperative need to increase the work of Social Services in the northern area ", has concluded the councilor of VOX.

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