Cordova. The municipal group of VOX in the Córdoba City Council has demanded the immediate withdrawal of a campaign "That we have known today when we saw her already on the street" considering that "clearly, criminalizes parents and makes their children lose respect for them and face them ”. The spokesperson, Paula Badanelli, has been so forceful, who has regretted “that the PP has consented to this outrage and this campaign that directly attacks the family and that we find miserable ”.

On the campaign poster you could see a drawing with the phrase "when I grow up I want to be like my dad" with the I want crossed out with a purple scribble and with a handwriting next to where it said "I don't want to", implying that children when they grow up they don't want to be like their parents.

For Badanelli, “the turn to the left of the PP is evident, which throws in the towel of the cultural battle, and bows to the progressive consensus, endorsing these proposals of the more radical left that also, financed with the money of all the people of Cordoba ”. It is outrageous, they add from VOX, that Bellido, "betrays his voters in this way and enters this dangerous game of pitting men against women., criminalizing them as a collective, and, in this case something much harder still, questioning the father figure associating it with the abusers as if being a man, a father and an abuser, were the same thing ”.

This is not what Córdoba has voted

"We feel ashamed of others ", concludes Badanelli," because we are clear that this is not what Cordobeses expect from their City Council. They have not voted for a change so that the same rancid left-wing policies of previous governments are applied in the city. VOX will always be against our tax money being used to confront, divide and criminalize men. "

At VOX, "we believe and defend that there are many ways to combat intrafamily violence from the Institutions, for example, with harsher prison sentences and providing more means to our Bodies and Forces and State Security".

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