140 years of lies and manipulation by the left are enough to do a lot of damage, especially when it comes to an extraordinary situation like the one we are experiencing because of the Coronavirus.

This week the budgets of the Region of Murcia have been approved in a plenary session in which Vox he facilitated them with his abstention. It should be remembered that this party reached an agreement with the Regional Government at the beginning of the year, committing itself to favor the approval without amendments and in exchange the Government adopted 12 measures that VOX obtained for Murcia.

These measures are the only essentially different ones in the line of previous exercises: the parental pin (to end the political and moral indoctrination of minors), the elimination of nominal subsidies to unions and employers, the elimination of tax benefits from gambling or the priority of social assistance for family, disability and the elderly.

It is worth noting the reinforcement of the medical staff of up to 50 personnel in training, providing specialist staff to the hemodynamic and vascular surgery services of the Santa Lucía Hospital in Cartagena. Once again, VOX complies.

Well, in this agreement, whose purpose is the quality of life of the residents of the Region, the PSOE's spite has intervened, creating, as tradition marks, new hoaxes that question the beneficial approval of the budgets.

Denying the lies published by numerous charges on the left of the hoax in Murcia is as easy as checking the data: the budget of the Ministry of Health for 2019 was 1,883,521,787 euros exactly, being 2020 of 1,885,485,461 euros, it is say: not only has it not been cut as the PSOE says in its fake, but it has also increased by 1,936,674 euros.

Given the evil of unsubstantiated statements that harm Health and all its professionals, heroes of the Covid-19, both José Ángel Antelo, Provincial President, how Juan José Liarte, Regional Deputy, recall that these “are not the VOX budgets and in the current year there were two possible models: that of the PSOE and Podemos raising taxes to further drown the self-employed and workers while they are confined to their homes, and the one that has been approved, which refuses to squeeze out citizens. "

In addition, an Economic Reactivation Committee has already been launched and the need to reopen the Rosell hospital to 100% has been announced, but not via amendment, but via the budget update in the context of the aforementioned economic reactivation plan .

Finally, we would like to highlight that we oppose López Miras' salary increase, and even more so at a time as complicated as the current one, and we propose that he be lowered by directors whose remuneration, inexplicably, exceeds that of the president. It is time to preach with deeds and not with words.

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