The VOX councilor in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has denounced another act of "waste of public money" after learning about the last grant of 6,032 euros that the Government team has allocated to the Platform of Gypsy Associations of Cantabria 'Romanés '.

“It seems to us a lack of respect that this amount is destined to what is called the 'dynamisation' and the 'empowerment' of the Roma people in what only serves as an excuse to continue giving away public money in exchange for boasting of helping a group which has already been perfectly integrated into our society for years ”, he pointed out.

From VOX “we have always shown our support” to the Spanish gypsy community, “which we consider to be equal with the rest of the nationals when developing an independent life project”.

"In the same way, we believe that aid to 'chiringuitos' that only serve as a way of life for a few and that have made marketing with the aspirations and interests of the Roma people a very lucrative business should be eliminated," said the mayor. .

“For this reason, it is surprising to us that the City Council allocates this aid, when by 2021, some organizations of this type, created under the protection of the different socialist governments and that spread the ideologies of the left, will receive more than 4.5 million of euros of the Government of Spain ”, has asserted. "And to this amount must be added another 223,500 euros that the Government of Cantabria has granted them for social and labor integration programs," Pérez-Cosío explained.

The mayor has insisted again that "we will continue to denounce every euro that is not allocated to real social policies to help neighbors who are having a worse time in this health and economic crisis, in which sex, race or social condition should not be distinguished" .

"In the middle of 2020 it seems to us a way of trying to marginalize the gypsy people that they continue to be given specific aid and more alluding to issues as general and as difficult to control and justify as their empowerment", has sentenced the councilor of VOX.

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