The councilor for VOX in the City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, will ask in December plenary session about the outsourcing of the communication of the cycle of activities called “Philosophical Pandemic”, which has been organized by the Department of Culture managed by Javier Ceruti (Citizens).

Specifically, the mayor has once again denounced the hiring of ‘Firenze Comunicación’ to intervene in this program, which means for the public coffers “another unnecessary and superfluous expense that should be avoided in the midst of the health and economic crisis”.

"This communication agency was already hired for the citizen consultation prior to the General Plan, which was also responsible for Ceruti," he declared. Then, to a question from VOX, the orange mayor responded by noting that he did not know that company at all. However, now they have reappeared in the City Hall on the occasion of the ‘Philosophical Pandemic’ program that Mr. Ceruti also carries out, so “we suspect that someone is lying to the people of Santander”.

The representative of VOX wants to know "what have been the selection criteria used to choose this company and how much money this new 'caprichito' of the councilor of the orange formation costs the neighbors. "We also want to know if they are going to continue hiring in the future," he added.

The last question that the mayor will raise is to find out "the reasons why this work cannot be developed by the Cs communication assistant, responsible for the Department of Culture and who is hired by the City Council full time."

Likewise, Pérez-Cosío has warned that "this situation will be made known to the control bodies of the Consistory in case there may be other responsibilities in addition to the policies."

"From VOX we are going to denounce every euro of public money that is wasted and even more so when there are already hired personnel who can perform this function and whose salary all Santanderians pay," he has sentenced.

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