Cordova. Friday May 22, 2020. This Friday the plenary session of the Diputación de Córdoba, a plenary session without motions where attempts have been made to update some of the points previously foreseen in order to implement it as soon as possible.

However, in the plenary there have been three situations that together can be better understood. Firstly, the breach by the County Council of the spending rule in past years and the non-acceptance by the Andalusian Government of the economic and financial plan to correct it, which requires cuts to be made to correct this error.

"It is striking that these cuts occur in items intended for investments in improvements and not in others that would be easier to do without since obviously they do not affect the most necessary issues that our province suffers in terms of the economic crisis and unemployment, ”explained the Provincial Deputy, Rafael Saco.

The plan has also been presented ‘Together for Córdoba’, with which Vox agrees in that it helps to implement actions that benefit the economy and productivity of the province in this situation of economic and health crisis.

Ideological shoehorn for Igualad

"But in said plan the question of the Equality between men and women, that it does not affect the suffering economy of our province nor does it have to do with the COVID 19 issue and that of course they have all the legal guarantees so that this equality is real and guaranteed by law, "adds Saco

And specifies "messes with a ideological shoehorn we do not know whether as an excuse to dedicate resources to this end, resources that are undoubtedly necessary in other matters ”.

And finally this Thursday we learned about a video made by the Equality Delegation that is part of a documentary called ‘Women on foot ’ which aims to record how rural women have acted as a result of the situation caused by Covid_19.

"We are surprised when we see that the first chapter is titled"The increase in sexist violence ”, in which the rural is conspicuous by its absence and the Covid 19 is an excuse for the 90% of it, the Subsidized Platform in Defense of Women to release its habitual flamingos, providing data that in some cases are debatable and in other denials by the heads of the State Security Forces and Bodies themselves, ”denounces the VOX Provincial Deputy.

We do not know the amount destined to the realization of the same, but in any case we believe that this first chapter could have been saved and dedicated that money to other purposes where it is undoubtedly more necessary.

In short, and using a simile made a few days ago by the president of our party, Santiago Abascal, "the Socialist Party takes us behind the wheel of a vehicle but instead of consulting the GPS to take us to a good destination, he leads by constantly consulting his ideological agenda.And so, it will be a miracle that we don't crash. ”

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