The General State Budgets They do not include the necessary items for the two National Police stations planned for years in Córdoba, "It is no surprise that the Budgets do not include items to improve the resources of our Police, it is the result of agreeing with Bildu, they will not allocate a single euro to our State Security Forces and Bodies", explained José Ramírez del Río, VOX national deputy for Córdoba.

In Vox they have also wanted to make it clear that “this strategy by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias serves nothing more than to let the two police stations of Police in Córdoba. By including only the start of the project for one of the two planned police stations means that, hopefully, we will not see the first stone of a police station laid for three years ”.

"The two police stations are necessary in Córdoba"

Ramírez del Río has assured that Córdoba that "during the processing of the Budgets we will try to carry out what was proposed, since the two planned police stations are more than necessary for our Police to work in dignified conditions, since that of Figueroa and Campo Madre de Dios they are in a third world situation ”.

Finally, the national deputy of Vox for Córdoba affirms that “These are the Budgets of shame for this country. Bildu's imprint marks some Budgets in which, it is evident, there will be no more resources for the State Security Forces and BodiesThey want our agents to work in subhuman conditions and not have means worthy of the service they provide. We are not surprised by this cut in the Córdoba projects for the police stations because this is going to be the budget line for all of Spain with this social-communist government ”.

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