The VOX spokesperson in the Almería Provincial Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, has denounced the difficult situation that the municipality of Vélez Rubio is going through, and who have been suffering for approximately five years, with the supply and water infrastructure, specifically in the districts of La Alquería, Tonosa, Los Gandias, La Dehesa, and La Mata Viotar.

The provincial group VOX has accompanied the neighbors and verified on site the deficiencies and losses of water in numerous points of the municipality of Vélez Rubio with the consequent loss of a large number of cubic meters of drinking water. In the districts, failures in the drinking water supply service and supply cuts from Monday to Friday are continuous.

According to VOX, the Provincial Council of Almería is assigned the powers of assistance technical, economic and material to the municipalities of the province in order to ensure the full exercise of municipal powers, as they are provided by each municipality or associates.

In municipalities with a population of less than 20,000 inhabitants, the Provincial Council coordinates the provision of services for the supply of drinking water at home and the evacuation and treatment of wastewater. In Vélez Rubio, problems that have lasted almost five years are not solved, says VOX.

During today's plenary session held in the Almería Provincial Council, Juan Francisco Rojas asked the government team if it has planned any urgent action to solve this problem and include in the 2021 budgets financial assistance for the supply of drinking water in Velez Rubio.

In another vein, VOX has voted against the accession of the Provincial Council to the manifesto of November 25 by the International Day Against Violence Against Women.

VOX proposes domestic violence law one that protects allregardless of sex, age and sexual orientation. The party wants fundamental and constitutional rights to be protected, such as the right to equality before the law and to the presumption of innocence.

Juan Francisco Rojas has stated that “VOX wants, first, that the money of the Spaniards is in the pocket of the Spaniards, but, also, that the money that is invested in alleviating the violence is for all the victims and that it really reaches the victims and does not remain in associations, as it was found, for example, in Andalusia, that a very small percentage went to the victims to help them have a better life ”.

In addition, VOX has filed a motion, which has been approved unanimously, for the Diputación to show its commitment to review and adapt public prices for the use of provincially owned and managed spaces, to the capacity restrictions and adaptation and reduction of the same to the limitations as a cause of the exceptional pandemic situation, during the time that these restrictions last.

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