"After knowing the complaints made by several groups of cyclists in Córdoba on the state of the shoulders of the national IV, located between the San Carlos gas station and the Rabanales Campus bridge, we want to know if the city council is going to carry out any kind of action in this area ”, explained the spokesperson for Vox in the city of Córdoba, Paula Badanelli.

For this reason, the municipal group of Vox in the municipality of Córdoba has registered a question in the ordinary plenary session of December for the Delegate of Infrastructures and President of Sadeco, David Dorado, "Pso that it fits this section and in this way the risk for cyclists passing through the area is avoided. "

Badanelli has assured that "You only have to pass near this section to see that the branches of the plants invade the shoulder with the consequent danger of falling for the cyclist. In addition, in this way they have to invade the lane destined for the circulation of motor vehicles with the danger that this poses both for vehicles and for cyclists who have less protection ”.

For all this, from the municipal group of VOX, “We want to know if the government team of our city council is aware of these complaints systematics carried out by cycling groups and if so, what health measures for their road safety do you plan to adopt to prevent this lack of maintenance of the public road from being repeated?

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