Press freedom has once again suffered a new setback in Catalonia with the attack on the journalist Cake Minuesa, who yesterday had to be escorted by the regional police after being the object of a new attack by the separatist gangs. This was denounced by the VOX deputy for Barcelona, ​​Ignacio Garriga, on your Twitter account in the framework of the disturbances due to the disqualification of Quim Torra as president of the Catalan Generalitat.

Today, the head of the VOX delegation in the European Parliament, Jorge Buxadé, has once again denounced the climate of separatist violence against the press. "The lack of freedom has reached a new level," he said in a letter sent to the deputies and the table of the European Parliament. In this letter, which is accompanied by reports and videos on the growing violence in separatist Catalonia, Buxadé recalled that it is not the first time that Minuesa and other journalists have suffered physical attacks and threats in the Catalan region. "The Spanish press has been under attack since 2017," he recalled before highlighting the new harassment of the separatist mob against Cake Minuesa for reporting.

Last month, this journalist went with his professional colleague Cristina Seguí to Brussels invited by VOX and the ECR group to denounce the situation of harassment and violence against the free press in Catalonia. There, he recalled the physical assault that led him to the hospital in 2018 after being hit in the face by a member of the so-called CDR, a violent far-left militia at the service of the separatist authorities, while reporting on a protest.

"Freedom of the press in Catalonia is under serious attack", denounces the European spokesperson for VOX in his letter to the European Parliament. "The separatists have become much more radical and violent and have changed their strategy to violate the rule of law, violent attacks, repression and harassment of those who think differently from them," he adds. Buxadé stresses that "as a Catalan" he is "deeply concerned about the future of rights and freedoms in Catalonia" and that is why he will soon ask the Europarliament to hold a debate in plenary on attacks on freedom of the press in Catalonia.

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