VOX today supported a Motion to urge the Government to permanently eliminate numbers 902-901 in customer service. Senator José Manuel Marín has defended his affirmative vote because “Spaniards are already quite saturated with taxes, fees, expenses, impediments to work, self-employed quotas, etc. And also, if they have to contact a service, they have to pay extra to call customer service.

However, the senator has gone further and denounced that “on many occasions, these numbers, which also give benefits to companies, turn out to be from companies whose boards of directors include former presidents of the Government, former ministers, former secretaries of state, and whose millionaire salaries must also assume customers.

For the senator, that is the reason why it is understood that "a person has to pay six times more for a call of need." "This demonstrates the connections that have been created between multinationals and the Administration." And he has reproached that "neither the governments of the PP nor those of the PSOE have done anything to remedy it," on the contrary, "they have continued to drown consumers, taxpayers, in exchange for maintaining their standard of living."

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