It seems to be, say sources of VOX in our City Council, that some local media has a special interest in manipulating the information that comes from the party.

VOX wants to clarify that he has never accused Amparo Marco of eluding his powers since he only alluded, in his press release, to "paradoxes" of the Administration and to the municipal impotence on matters that are beyond his competence.

VOX Nor did he make any criticism of the answers to his questions about the surroundings of the "polyfunctional" of San Agustín and San Marcos, and the one received to his demand for cleaning the Barranco del Sol, understanding the impossibility of actions for various reasons.

The criticism was exclusively directed at the tremendous bureaucracy that slows down everything and harms the interests of the neighbors.

Luciano Ferrer: "Sowing discord I do not think it benefits anyone, especially if it is done for free. Let's hope, at least, that it is not maliciously "

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