El Puerto de Santa María, August 11, 2020. In the midst of the social crisis caused by the pandemic, ADRA, an association dedicated for years in our municipality to helping families with limited resources, was evicted by decree from the premises they occupied in Florida and relocated to the Las Salinas industrial estate in a Ship of the Department of Development. In the eviction, the association lost part of its belongings due to the short time they had for the transfer, and the transfer of the new premises with the corresponding documentation has not yet been made official.

The place to which they have been sent is smaller, it is far from the center, and many families who do not have a vehicle have to go with their carts walking across the bridge of the polygon, with the difficulty that this entails in this hot season. The area of ​​the polygon has little connection by bus, and as has been reported on other occasions, when it comes to the issue of the location of the Courts, users are forced to wait an hour and a half to be picked up.

The association usually delivers food twice a month, but since the state of alarm was decreed, it does so once a month, and they deliver twice as much food.

The councilor of Vox, Leocadia Benavente denounces that “the situation has become untenable for the association, since more than fifteen days ago Endesa cut the electricity supply of the municipal premises for lack of payment from the city council. In these fifteen days, the Government Team has not been able to solve this situation, despite the important work that this association carries out with disadvantaged families, to whom it offers food and clothing. "

For Leocadia Benavente, “this Government Team is so focused on enjoying the SOKO summer concerts and the events in the Plaza de Toros, that it cannot attend to the associations that have given their heart in the pandemic, that they continue to do so and that unfortunately they will have to continue acting in the face of the major economic crisis that COVID-19 brings to the country "

Benavente points out that “Beardo has ceased to be an accessible person for the associations, he no longer remembers when he took photos with those responsible for him promising that he would pay the overdue subsidies, and to this day, he has not paid even the current annuity. He has forgotten that a Mayor is not only there for the photos, but also to receive the opinions of the citizens, even if they are complaints, because only by knowing the reality of the neighbors can he solve their problems. "

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