He spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel, has denounced that the Government team of PSOE and Citizens "He is going to spend almost 90,000 euros of the money of all the neighbors in hiring a news agency to spread news with a high propaganda content and ideological purposes", while it has stressed the need to "Publish with a minimum semiannual periodicity all the data referring to the investment in advertising and institutional communication of its own and of the entities dependent on this City Council."

This is how Antonio de Miguel referred during a press conference in which he presented the proposal of the media plan for the distribution of institutional advertising that has been prepared by the Municipal Group of VOX and which will be debated in the next ordinary plenary session of the city, scheduled for Friday 25: "At VOX we think that institutional advertising is important, but we cannot let it be used as a propaganda tool for the city government", Has indicated De Miguel for whom "All the communication media must be taken into account when institutional campaigns are carried out, without looking at the editorial line of each one of them".

With this motion, VOX intends “Prevent the city government team from falling into the temptation of having only the related media every time it carries out an advertising campaign and leaves out those who do not praise its management, avoiding that they are excluded from them the media that are not related to their political and ideological ideology, guaranteed the plurality of information and transparency ".

Example of the propaganda machinery of the PSOE and Ciudadanos

In this sense, the spokesperson for VOX, Antonio de Miguel, has denounced the award to an external news agency of the contract for the dissemination of information from the Guadalajara City Council for the years 2020 and 2021 for a total amount of 88,552 euros, to ratio of 44,276 euros per year: "We are facing the worst crisis in our recent history and this Government of PSOE and Citizens in the city is wasting money from the people of Guatemala in hiring an agency to disseminate news with high propaganda content and ideological purposes", underlines De Miguel, who considers " It is regrettable that the current government team, having four journalists hired as advisers in its different cabinets and communication areas, has to resort to an external agency to, supposedly, disseminate information of interest to the Guadalajara City Council ".

That is why the VOX spokesperson considers "essential and urgent to develop a media plan for the distribution of institutional advertising."

In this way, the Municipal Group of VOX will ask in the next plenary session “That the City Council publish at least every six months all the data regarding investment in advertising and institutional communication of its own and of its dependent entities: budgeted and executed cost, indication of objectives, government areas, medium and support, awardee or supplier and period of execution". In addition, it will also request "That the City Council prepare, account for and disseminate the annual planning of its advertising and institutional communication strategy", as well as "an annual report with the results of the investments made in this area. This report can be consulted on the transparency portal ", specifies Antonio de Miguel.

Similarly, VOX will request that "The City Council establishes objective criteria in the awarding of advertising contracts, taking into account aspects and criteria such as dissemination, audience data, impact, segments of interest of the advertisement or that the winning company complies with the correct working conditions of its workers". And finally, it will also ask that "A methodology is implemented to design, plan, execute and evaluate advertising campaigns and thus verify their effectiveness".

It is paradoxical that the two managers of the boards have appeared in the candidacies of the Socialist Party

On the other hand, the VOX spokesperson in the Guadalajara City Council has spoken about the recent appointment of the manager of the Municipal Sports Board in the person of Aurelio Zapata. "It is an unbearable obscenity as I said to the face of the mayor in the Governing Board", says Antonio de Miguel, for whom it is “Paradoxical, very casual and striking that it is precisely the number 2 in the socialist candidacy for the Congress of Deputies in the last two general elections that the Municipal Sports Board will direct. If last year we were also very curious and we immediately denounced that number 13 of the list of Alberto Rojo's candidacy for the Mayor of this City Council was appointed manager of the Patronato de Cultura, now number 2 of the PSOE list is named to the Congress of Deputies as managing director of the Sports Board ".

"It is very striking and outrageous that the two managers of both boards have such a close relationship, recently appearing in the respective lists of the PSOE, with the Socialist Party of Guadalajara, which leads us to think in VOX that all this has a certain stink favorable treatment, being an assault on equality and the principles of merit and capacity of a totalitarian government in this Guadalajara City Council, from which democracy must defend itself because balance, equality and the principles of merit and capacity are essential in the function public ”, Antonio de Miguel has added.

In this sense, the VOX spokesperson did not want to overlook the abstention of Ciudadanos, members of the PSOE Government, when voting on the appointment of Zapata as manager of the Sports Board: “They surely did not want to be participants or accomplices of the decision. With their abstention they question these authoritarian practices and favorable treatment in this matter ”.

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