VOX denounced today in the Senate that illegal immigration, in recent months, has been aggravated by the impact of COVID-19 around the world. “More than a year ago, we described the wave of illegal immigration as a silent invasion, and we affirmed that measures should be taken immediately, since it is a very serious threat to the health, security and coexistence of Spaniards ", he recalled José Manuel Marín, VOX senator for Murcia, during his intervention in the debate on the Motion urging the Government to adopt certain measures in the area of ​​migration policy in the area of ​​the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

VOX has presented a series of amendments, among which are the review and expansion of the agreements for the return of illegal immigrants with the countries of origin, as well as the pressure on these States to collaborate and facilitate the repatriation of those who arrive irregularly on the Spanish coast. And, as Marín recalled, "VOX has been warning for a long time of the terrible performance of the Sánchez Government, which does not take the appropriate measures to end this situation."

Marín has specified that the VOX Parliamentary Group demands from the Government the deployment of all the material and human resources necessary for the prevention, protection and deterrence of the docking of boats with illegal immigrants; the request to the European authorities to provide more funds for Frontex's Operation Indalo and the creation of an extraordinary aid fund for the regions that are being particularly affected by the massive wave of irregular immigration and whose objective is to support the infrastructure enabled for irregular immigrants.

Change in arrival routes

"In recent months, we have seen how the routes of this illegal immigration have changed, from being mostly land, affecting Ceuta and Melilla, to being mostly by sea, affecting mainly the Canary archipelago, but also Andalusia and Murcia", has specified Senator Marin.

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, up to September 15, 15,985 immigrants had arrived in Spain by sea and land and 14,538 by sea in 956 boats. Of these, 5,121 reached the Canary Islands, and the rest, especially Andalusia (Almería), and Murcia (3,000).

In one year the increase in the arrival of MENAS has been more than 400% and the centers are totally overwhelmed. More than a third of these minors escape from these centers and are no longer controlled by the administration, some are again captured by mafias and others end up committing crimes as evidenced by numerous news reports and only a few are re-entered in the centers of origin.

"At VOX we express our respect and consideration for all those immigrants who have arrived or are arriving in Spain through legal channels and move Spain forward side by side with any national," the senator concluded.

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