After the Government Delegation, at the request of VOX Ceuta, refused to offer data on the number of foreigners benefiting from the latest Employment Plan, the party raised the question in the Senate last March. Now the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has been forced to offer the figures that show that more than 7% of the workers in the Employment Plan are non-EU foreigners, that is, Moroccans.

Already in November, and in the face of “the electoralist use” of the Employment Plan by the Government Delegation, VOX Ceuta demanded that the number of foreigners who oppose it be made public. The party has defended at all times that these job placement programs should be "only and exclusively for unemployed Spaniards." "It is difficult to understand that in employment plans designed expressly to alleviate the complicated labor situation that thousands of Ceutas are going through, you end up selecting foreign citizens, most of them Moroccan subjects, to occupy jobs that should be practically all for those Spanish citizens who demand it this way ”, affirms Juan Sergio Redondo, president of VOX Ceuta.

For Redondo, it is a "discriminatory and surreal situation". "There is also the paradoxical situation that those same Spanish citizens who urgently need access to those jobs that go to these Moroccans, in the end are those who end up contributing with their taxes to finance them," he warns.

The figures now offered by the Sánchez Executive indicate that, of the 680 beneficiaries of the Government Delegation Employment Plan, 49 are foreigners, that is, 7.2%. Meanwhile, in the Employment Plan managed by the local administration, the percentages are similar: of 213 workers, 17 are foreigners, of which 16 are non-community members (7.5%).

In total, in the employment plans launched in 2019 in Ceuta, 893 people have been hired, of whom 65 were non-EU foreigners, 7.2%.

"From VOX Ceuta we will denounce and we will oppose this practice followed with special effort by the socialist governments from the Government Delegation through SEPE", assures the president of VOX Ceuta. And it is that, Redondo affirms that this procedure, “without a doubt, directly violates the labor rights recognized constitutionally to all Spaniards, by allowing them to deprive themselves of a multitude of jobs that should be covered by many Ceutas who see how, year after year, their hopes for access to jobs that incomprehensibly end up being occupied by Moroccans are diminished ”.

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