In the informative commission of citizen participation held last Thursday, the councilor of the municipal group Vox, Jesus Albiol, reproached the councilor for education, Mr. Monferrer, for his conformist attitude in the very serious case of alleged indoctrination carried out by a teacher from the aforementioned center linked to COMPROMÍS, going so far as to state that he himself would recommend it to his students.

The councilor for culture, Mr. Granel, did not want to comment on the alleged manipulation of IES professor Jaume I about the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

In another vein, Vox demands the same speed with the city council with which they have processed the subsidy to the Burriana Philharmonic to launch direct aid to the merchants and freelancers of the municipality, who have already begun to close their businesses due to the serious economic crisis caused by the pandemic and its dire management by the rulers.

Municipal group spokesperson Vox, Juan Canós, demanded the review, daily disinfection and repair of all the garbage containers since it has been detected, by neighborhood complaints, the malfunction of the opening system of the same through the foot, forcing the neighbors to open them by hand, assuming a risk to the health of Burriana users.

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