VOX has denounced today in the Senate Local Entities Commission that the Socialist Group affirms that "the Law of Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration undermines the autonomy of local entities". "They say so and remain so calm, but they defend swashbuckling the FEMP, the exclusive bipartisan chiringuito, which certainly does restrict local autonomy, as well as supposes a duplicity of functions and undermines the true vocation of the provincial councils, ”said VOX senator Jacobo González-Robatto.

In the same vein, he has criticized that the "uncouth attempt to appropriate the savings of the municipalities and councils" for the "ideological whims of his party and to satisfy the occurrences of his government partners, the Bolivarian communists who do not have cheap occurrences ».

He has also reproached the socialist caucus for speaking of "depriving local entities of powers" when "they are the champions of creating duplications, creating parallel administrations, turning the institutions that govern into elephantine tangle that, far from providing a good service to the citizen, they end up becoming labyrinths for the citizen and a placement agency for friends, relatives and related parties ”. And he has asked the PSOE senators if when these duplicities disappear, parallel administration and beach bars also disappear where to place their relatives.

Thus, the senator has demanded that they not charge the municipalities with more powers. "Do not deceive them saying that they appropriate their savings because it is better for them", and he continued "If you want to favor the municipalities, advocate that they do not assume competences that do not concern them, and allow it to be them, not Sánchez or Iglesias, those who decide how to use their savings and surpluses to benefit their neighbors.

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