The VOX senator for Murcia, Jose Manuel Marin, has denounced today, during the Health and Consumer Commission held in the Senate, the absence of veterinarians to manage the health crisis generated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This has been done during the defense of the amendment presented by VOX -to the motion urging the Government to create a Government Delegate Commission for "One Health", which brings together the interests of public health from the perspective of diseases shared between animals and the human species, from the different ministries, and that includes education and research– for veterinarians to be included in the 'one Health' teams.

The senator, who is also a doctor by profession, recalled that "most of the epidemics and pandemics that have arisen throughout the history of humanity have their origin in animals." For this reason, he has criticized that the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, showed, on April 3, before the media that the Scientific-Technical Committee had no veterinarians and added that if there is any specific area of work that is specific to this field of knowledge ”, thus showing a total ignorance and contempt for this profession.

Ignorance of Fernando Simón

For Marín, Simón "has shown his total ignorance about the veterinary profession." "The veterinarian is a professional who has the vision of dealing with diseases from the point of view of the group, much more than the doctors, more accustomed, generally to the treatment of the individual."

The senator has warned that "giving up the contribution that veterinarians can cause serious mistakes to be made in this crisis or others like it." And he recalled that countries such as Germany, China or the Faroe Islands have had the participation of veterinarians, and "the results are clearly more favorable as is being demonstrated."

Thus, the senator has defended the participation of veterinarians in the teams of "One Health" should be mandatory.

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