The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, denounces how the Government of Pedro Sánchez has justified the exclusion of aid to the self-employed to the mutualists of the alternative regimes to the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA). After the battery of questions presented by the VOX Parliamentary Group asking why they have not added the Ceutí mutualists from sectors such as the legal profession, medicine or architecture as beneficiaries of the economic measures by Covid-19, the Executive has answered that " it is not feasible to recognize and pay a benefit ”to those who are not in the Social Security System.

“In Spain, many professionals on their own, such as lawyers, attorneys, engineers, chemists, architects…. they are integrated into the mutuals as an Alternative Regime to the Challenge. Currently there are almost half a million and the Government did not include this group in the battery of financial aid, "criticizes the VOX national deputy for Ceuta.

For López, "the response of this Government is another gesture of arrogance in not wanting to assume a possible error", such as not including mutualists in aid to cope with the economic impact of Covid-19. In addition, the deputy assures that the position of the Sánchez Executive is a sign of "yet another aptitude that will harm the middle classes, the self-employed and the liberal professionals, the most affected by this crisis."

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