Cádiz November 7, 2020. VOX will bring to the Andalusian Parliament the discrimination that the towns of San Fernando, Jerez and Algeciras have suffered by the Ministry of Culture at the time of closing the Flamenco 10 program that commemorates the inclusion of flamenco as an intangible heritage of humanity.

The deputies Ángela Mulas and Benito Morillo have registered a question before the Culture Commission to ask for explanations for these events, since the exclusion of these localities, in which flamenco is more than a sign of identity and from where There have been artists of international relevance as important as Camarón de la Isla, Sara Baras or Paco de Lucía, and who in their day were a reference for UNESCO to grant such recognition for this art.

Mulas has regretted that a city as important as Jerez de la Frontera has been excluded from commemoration of flamenco, when anyone who knows this art a little knows that our province was part of that golden triangle of flamenco that led to the The birth of this art occurred between Cádiz capital, Jerez and Triana.

“Nor does it make any sense to leave out such important cities in this discipline as San Fernando or Algeciras, the birthplace of Camarón de la Isla, Sara Baras and Paco de Lucía, three artists of recognized international prestige who have been ambassadors throughout the world of cante. flamenco guitar playing and dancing ”, Benito Morillo lamented.

To conclude, the VOX deputies have wanted to conclude by emphasizing that in these times of pandemic, in which our artists are going through such difficult moments due to the preventive measures of COVID-19, a greater effort should have been made to provide this program of greater content so that none of these locations would have been left out of such an important event.

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