The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, has rejected the General State Budget Project (PGE) for 2021 because, with them, the Government and its partners, "They have trampled on the 867 families that lost an irreplaceable member in the fight for freedom." Also to the "thousands of families who still suffer consequences today, and see how their murderers and accomplices have not even deigned to apologize, but rather boast of it."

Along the same lines, he has condemned that the Government "I have left behind the police, civil guards and members of the Army, who fought against these criminals". «The Government exchanges votes in favor for prisoners approached, not forgetting how during the quarantine, when no Spaniard was allowed to visit their relatives – many of them dying in absolute solitude – you allowed up to 11 visits by members de Bildu, his government partners, go to visit murderers of the terrorist band ETA "he denounced.

Definitely, "They leave behind all those who do not commune with the terrorists". Because these PGE, he has reproached, are "stained with the blood of the brave and gunpowder and shrapnel of cowards."

Bad management award

He has also reproached the Government for leaving behind those who "have made an effort every day to bring food to their home, yielding to the separatist blackmail of the nefarious pro-independence managers" by rewarding "mismanagement with 2,300 million in investments and transfers of capital for Catalonia for its separatist plans ”.

The senator has referred to those who speak Spanish in Catalonia, whom "they have also left behind, yielding to pro-independence xenophobia with their intention of eliminating Spanish as a vehicular language." "They are leaving behind all the young people of the Catalan Autonomous Community, leaving their future behind and condemning them to misery and those who do not speak it to marginalization," he said.

Noble work of the military

He has also referred to the military, "who in addition to the noble and centenary work throughout history, with the coronavirus crisis have been the first to go wherever duty has sent them, risking their lives for the lives of others ». "You reward them by setting aside and selling them for a few votes to give up the land of the barracks that the Army has in the Loyola neighborhood," he denounced.

VOX is clear about it: «The General State Budgets (PGE) for 2021 leave everyone behind except their friends, who are assured of a well-paid position that requires little effort and little preparation, while the most qualified Spaniards They march because the Social Communist Government has as its last concern youth unemployment or unemployment ”.

Unemployment, three times higher than in Romania

Regarding unemployment data, he recalled that Spain has "thanks to the disastrous management" of the Government "the worst employment data of the last decade." And he has warned: "It is not only the fault of the coronavirus, as they blame, since it affects all countries", but it is "the Government's fault."

In fact, unemployment in Spain, with 16.2%, is three times higher than Romania and Bulgaria. And youth unemployment reaches about 50% of the youngest, "above any country in our environment, including Greece, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria." "Not counting the ERTES that will become ERES," predicted the senator.

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