El Puerto de Santa María, October 15, 2020 – VOX El Puerto took a motion to the Plenary yesterday for the Government Team to finally present the urban maintenance schedule for the city's public roads, since after sixteen months in power, nothing about this contract is yet known. In this as in other issues, the Government Team is arriving late and badly, with many neighborhood complaints about the state of the streets of our city.

At the time it was announced that the maintenance contract would have a budget of 1,400,000 euros since the needs of the city are many, and that the endowment of € 700,000 would also be maintained for the completion of the necessary coves, financed through of the corresponding municipal tax. But, after a third of the mandate, there is no urban maintenance contract, having approved only a contract for less than € 45,000, clearly insufficient for the numerous damages that our streets present.

Although the councilor for Urban Maintenance assures that he has drawn up a statement to contract out the maintenance of public roads, nothing has been wanted to say about it. The councilor of VOX, Leocadia Benavente, qualifies as grotesque what lived in the plenary session, since Curro Martínez refused to give information about that possible statement, which he said was secret and that it could not be shown because the opposition was going to use it . For Benavente, it is absurd that they do not want to answer what will be the amount of the contract they are preparing, or what will be the duration of it. Benavente considers that this concealment may respond to the fact that the contract will not meet the expectations of the Citizens Councilor who always considered the amount of € 1,400,000 non-negotiable, and a pillar of the pact for the formation of the Government Team with the PP.

Leocadia Benavente considers it difficult for the contract to amount to 2,100,000 euros per year from the sum of the maintenance itself plus that of coves, as claimed by Martínez, since this amount has no place in the budget that still governs the city , that of 2018. The lack of an urban maintenance contract for public roads joins the absence of other important contracts such as the maintenance of traffic lights or the crane, and shows the inability of this government team to meet the needs basic of any city.

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