VOX Senator Jacobo González-Robatto has denounced the use that the PSOE has made of the Senate to skip the agreements included in the Congressional Report on the Digital Transactions Law. As he explained, "they have taken advantage of this House to recover what was lost in Congress", which explains why "they present amendments that serve to modify and invalidate the agreements." "What is sought is to overturn the agreements and the effort for their tax momentum," he pointed out.

González-Robatto has specified some points of this law, such as article 7, which refers to the verification and identity of applicants. The senator explained that, after the Covid-19 crisis, the world is heading for a greater digital change than we found before it, which is why this Bill was presented before the pandemic, so they did not take this situation into account.

The senator has rejected that most relationships that need trust are designed to have to be done in physical presence. "Until today, Spanish legislation only allowed the initial identification by physical person of the person before the so-called registration authorities, which on many occasions made the process of obtaining the certificates not sufficiently agile," he explained.

With regard to the third additional provision on the DNI and its electronic certificates, the senator recalled that the GP VOX emphasized the need for the electronic DNI to have the same benefits as an electronic certificate, which in the end is more useful, due to Above all, the DNIe requires technical requirements for its use, such as having certain hardware and software elements, while the electronic certificate is installed in the browser and can be used from anywhere.

"The idea is to find that the electronic DNI is able to function in a similar way, always complying with legal certainty and with the current regulations on the National Identity Document," the senator concluded.

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