He asserts that the constant tensions between the mayor and the Police have caused casualties leaving the municipality with obvious security problems especially at night

Marchena, 5 March 2020. The VOX coordinator in Marchena, José Carlos Delgado, denounced on Wednesday that "the mayor has left the municipality without Local Police for harassing the agents labor".

In a public statement after visiting the Headquarters of the Local Police, which has again found closed, the head of VOX in the municipality has denounced “the negligence and irresponsibility of the mayor has left the marcheneros with a serious security problem that she He has provoked himself, being unable to control or solve. ”

Delgado explained that "this workplace harassment by Mayor María del Mar Romero is ending the health of the agents, in a drop of medical losses due to stress that leaves the Marchena Local Police inoperative."

"Of 24 agents that our Local Police have, 16 are on leave and are being treated for high blood pressure, tachycardia and psychiatry, and some have even been referred to the Osuna hospital."

The municipal coordinator of VOX in Marchena has asserted, on the other hand, that “the lack of foresight in the hiring of new police officers as a replacement for those who retire, move on to second activity or end of service commissions, motivate the impossibility of make shifts that cover with guarantees 24 hours a day "and recalled that" in 2019 15,000 euros were budgeted to pay overtime to cover the police deficiency in the shifts and once again the mayor refused to make those payments ".

José Carlos Delgado has clarified that since last March 2 “the Socialist Municipal Government understands that a workday of 8 to 15 hours from Monday to Friday of a municipal office worker, is equivalent to a day of a Local police officer, who works In the afternoon, at night, on Saturday, on Sunday and on public holidays … and that they be required that in the important holidays of our municipality, they have to be available to the consistory to most of the police, to cover the special services on these holidays, without any extraordinary compensation ”.

The VOX coordinator in Marchena has pointed out that because of the conflict "it is unforgivable that the night shift from eleven at night to seven in the morning Marchena is totally unprotected, without police, at the mercy of crime."

“From Vox Marchena dWe will refer to the two agents who have been unfairly filed by the mayor", it is finished.

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