22 November 2020

Juan Canós Y Jesus Albiol, councilors of VOX at the Burriana City Council, they invited the National Deputy for Castellón, Alberto Asarta, and the Deputy in Valencian Cortes, Plains Massó, to a visit to the Port of Burrina to see with their own eyes the lamentable state of the port facilities.

The Municipal Group VOX Burriana City Council has been reporting to the Municipal Government team for more than a year the abandonment of functions of the Generalitat and the flagrant breach of the law regarding the maintenance of the Port.

The regulations oblige the GVA to invest 40% of the income obtained from port taxes in the maintenance of the facilities.

Only a few days ago the GVA Budgets for 2021 were known and for Burriana there is only planned an investment of just over € 100,000 for works in the port. Something that the aforementioned councilors described as “a real goshame ”taking into account that the Generalitat's debt in investments in the port, with money from port fees, amounts to almost three million euros.

Juan Canós: "The degradation of the Port of Burriana due to municipal passivity and non-compliance with the legislation by the GVA, by not investing 40% of the income from port taxes, condemns in a shameful way one of the emblematic infrastructures of our city that so much effort and work took to make our elders a reality. On the contrary, the auto and municipal salaries do not stop growing. The neglect of the GVA and the lack of ambition of the City Council are clear proof of the lack of management on the left. "

Deputies and councilors stopped especially at the breakwater where you can see its unfortunate condition and the unrepaired damage of the last storms, huge pieces of concrete that do not fulfill their function of securing the port and that pose a danger to anyone that approaches the place.

Plains Massó: "We have visited some areas of the port of Burriana that are completely abandoned, it is not acceptable that while the generality has not paid the 40% that corresponds to the port of Burriana of the port taxes that corresponds by law for years, there are areas of the port that they need a major improvement action "

A few days ago, the City Council announced works that will be tendered in 2022, the Burrianenses councilors of VOX They only ask that it be true even if I am late.

It was Alberto Asarta the last to comment on the situation: “ It is a shame and a shame that the Port of Burriana is in the conditions it is in, especially when the reason is non-compliance by the different administrations "

Almost 10 years have passed since the so-called Cantabria study was known regarding the regeneration of the southern coastline of the coast in the section between Castellón and the Port of Sagunto; During this period, hardly any work has been carried out on this section, beyond those carried out on Benafelí beach in Almassora.

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