The Municipal Group Vox, through its spokesperson, Juan CanósHe again denounced the state of abandonment of the riverbed as it passed through Burriana and urged the government team to undertake the cleaning and clearing of the same as recommended by a report by the Municipal Engineer in a report issued last 30 August 2019.

Arnandis finally recognized in the Plenary that these works were necessary and that they were awaiting the authorization of the CHJ to undertake them. The Mayor argued that the CHJ "neither does nor does it do".

Vox criticizes that, in his opinion, the government team does everything well and the fault is always of others.

Nothing could be further from the truth, the permanence of the corpse of a horse in the bed of the river bed has been consented, at the height of the 11th of 11th Ronda Musician Ibáñez, since last December 6, 2019, date on which a citizen denounced the facts, until January 30 of this year, after insisting Vox in which solution was put to this situation. When they removed the animal's remains, they fit in a garbage bag.

Vox It supposes that rodents and insects had to enjoy a great Christmas feast at the expense of the inefficiency of the government team and the health and well-being of the residents of the area.

Vox He wonders if this is a sample of the environmental policy that they apply.

Burriana does not deserve to suffer this neglect.

Juan Canós He also questioned in the Plenary the pavements executed in the urban area with asphalt agglomerate, since instead of demolishing the existing pavement in poor condition and executing the new one maintaining the original flush of the streets, they are dedicated to paving on the existing one, generating problems and danger to neighbors and pedestrians.

“As the elevation of the new pavement rises without demolishing the previous one, the height of the curb automatically decreases, leaving the sidewalks and houses much more exposed to episodes of torrential rains. In fact in some vials there are no differences in level between the road and the sidewalk”, Says the spokesman for Vox in the city Hall.

The danger that is created for pedestrians is obvious. Since the road and sidewalk are at the same level, in the event that a car suffers a mistake, the risk of being run over is palmar, since the vehicle would invade the sidewalk because there was no curb.

Since Vox They believe that this way of proceeding responds to the team's desire to appear in the press at all costs, even if it is executing the paving works in a bungling way.

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