He asserts that “he understands the frustration of the hoteliers who see how the ordinances are applied inflexiblely while the bottle and the manteros are at ease”

Seville, February 24, 2020. The spokeswoman for the VOX Municipal Group in the City Council of Seville, Cristina Peláez, has asked Mayor Juan Espadas to “put order in the different municipal delegations to prevent them from being applied double measuring rods in compliance with municipal ordinances"

Cristina Peláez has referred to “the score of bars that, for different reasons, the Local Police have sealed this weekend in the city, ten of them in the Alameda de Hércules” and the “terrible discrimination that supposes that, while the Police seal a local of hospitality, at the doors of the same establishments there are hundreds of people making bottles in front of the same noses of the agents that apply the ordinances of differentiated way ”

“The municipal government of Juan Espadas has been installed in a policy that is very difficult to understand for the Sevillians and especially for all those who exercise some economic activity, be they merchants or hoteliers, who observe with impotence that there is a total tolerance with the tablecloths and with the bottle while it is inspected, closed and sanctioned to those shops or bars that fail to comply with municipal ordinances"

The VOX municipal spokeswoman has acknowledged that “I can understand the frustration of the hoteliers, a fundamental economic activity in the city and those who, for a time now, are being demonized, when not persecuting. They have demonstrated, for the most part, their willingness to dialogue and understanding, and so we have ordinances on watchmen, schedules and even the closing of business in the Madrugá, but in the same way we have to thank them for their attitude; in such a way that they are required the logical compliance with the rules but at the same time support them in issues such as the bottle. ”

The VOX spokeswoman has insisted that “all citizens have obligations to fulfill that are for everyone and it is quite sad that we have to be every week reminding Juan Espadas to apply the ordinances to all equally, Enough of being tolerant of the illegal and inflexible of the legal", it is finished.

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