November 27, 2020

VOX Cuenca denounces that the provincial delegate of the Board, María Ángeles Martínez, has denied the Madrid federation of motorsports a few days before, the authorization to organize the meeting, scheduled for this weekend, at the Taranconero circuit, with all the authorizations managed and compliant for two weeks.

Vox makes public that, both for the group of pilots, all of them duly federated, as well as for the organizers and the Taranconera company that owns the circuit, there is no justified reason for this suspension since the data on the incidence of the pandemic in our province, on which the resolution of the health authorities is based, are no worse than in the neighboring community of Madrid.

Vox argues that this is a sport that takes place outdoors, without contact between athletes and, in addition, it was going to be regulated by all current health prevention regulations.

This sudden suspension affects the economy of the area and the people who participate in its organization, since they had anticipated investments, transfer of material, training, etc.

This test also included the classification for the “Rotax” world final, to be held at the International Do Algarve kart track in Portugal, from January 23 to 30, 2021

From Vox Cuenca we regret the sudden suspension of this test organized with the approval of the Spanish automobile federation for the losses that it will generate to the organization, sports facilities and hospitality sector of our city; a test that had registrations of pilots from all over Spain, given the circumstance that the previous week, a test of the motocross championship had been held in another town of Castilla-La Mancha, which was attended by federated athletes and family members, not canceling, with the consequent comparative injury.

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