VOX once again denounces a new "fraud" in the General State Budget prepared by the Social Communist Government. In this case, it is a new budgetary pantomime that affects the province of Jaén and the State Security Forces and Corps.

The Jaén Central Police Station, built in 1957, has been waiting for years not only for reforms, but also for the expansion or replacement of its facilities. Well, in the General State Budgets recently approved in Congress there is an item for the project of the new Police Station of € 7,028,000. However, this item is not scheduled for immediate execution, but runs until the 2024-2026 period to start the works. What's more, for the year 2024 only € 200,000 will appear. For VOX deputy Francisco José Alcaraz this is a scam.

It is for this reason that a written question has been submitted to the Board of Congress on the reasons that lead the Executive to wait almost four years to start the works. "The money to start the works will not arrive until, most likely, this government will no longer be there." Alcaraz points out, who stresses "we want to denounce the neglect suffered by the State Security Forces and Corps and, especially, the Jaén National Police with this Government."

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