Before the news appeared in the press, this morning, the councilor of VOX in the Burriana Town Hall, Jesus Albiol, and the Provincial President of VOX Castellón and deputy spokesperson in the Valencian Courts, Plains Massó, have visited the port of Burriana where the four boats that are dedicated to picking up illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean are docked.

Plains Massó: "We do not understand how these vessels, which are dedicated to human trafficking, are not paying the fees for being moored in the port of Burriana while the fishermen who have been without fishing for months have to continue paying those fees. In addition, they are consuming water and electricity from the port facilities for free"

The President Add: "The Valencian Community has urgent needs for social assistance, but for Ms. Oltra it is essential to declare our welcoming community and exempt those who engage in human trafficking from paying fees"

"On the other hand, we want to know if the port of Burriana has the appropriate security measures to have that type of ships docked.”, He concludes.

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