• It shows its "absolute rejection of this assault by the Government on the municipal coffers, especially of those who have fulfilled the commitments of the so-called responsible spending"

Seville, August 5, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez has shown its rejection of "The inoperative attitude of the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas when defending the interests of the Sevillians to the detriment of the interests of his party."

Peláez has stressed that "the agreement signed between the government and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) for the use of the municipal treasury remnants, responds to a system unfair and unsupportive which will mean leaving aside aid and transfers to municipalities that do not deliver the remaining municipal treasury ".

Peláez considers “unacceptable that the agreement in extremis and for the minimum reaching between the social-communist government of Sánchez and the FEMP, come to punish the Spanish municipalities, especially for those who have fulfilled the commitments of the so-called responsible spending ”.

In this way, says the Vox spokesperson in the Seville City Council, "The Socialists once again show that they" make and break "at will with the money of all Spaniards" and accuses Sánchez of “Put your hand in the municipal councils' cash register and leave its remainder to zero, due to the voracity of collection by the false defenders" of the public " and warns Peláez, “An attitude that, unfortunately, has only just begun”.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX ensures that “ we do not expect anything from the PSOE, only lies, smoke and waste, sufficient reasons why we support the motion of censure announced for next September ".

Cristina Peláez reminds Espadas that "The Government uses as a lifeline the municipalities where the PSOE governs, alone or in a coalition with the powers that be or separatists to whitewash the painful economic management that the central government is carrying out" and accuses Espadas "of being a participant in this accounting engineering with the money of all Sevillians."

"This agreement The only thing it wants is to launder the state accounts with municipal money to prepare a farce of document for the European Commission and to try to avoid a rescue that implies cuts in pensions, public salaries and social benefits, So, in the end, those who will suffer the consequences again will be the usual ones: workers, SMEs and the self-employed, who will be forced through cuts and taxes to assume the consequences of Sánchez's ineptitude to nip with superfluous spending ”.

Cristina Peláez has been blunt and ensures that "This is one more example of the socialist hypocrisy that constitutes an attack on municipal autonomy", highlighting and claiming that “all Spaniards have the right to benefit from national plans and not only those who accept the blackmail of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias ”, it is finished.

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