The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, David garcia, publicly denounces "the job insecurity of the forest firefighters of the Generalitat Valenciana who are currently working as agricultural laborers and that they become dependent on the Public Administration. "

"The Generalitat Valenciana is not complying with all the agreements and promises announced; Since the forest fire service was subrogated to the autonomous company Sociedad Valenciana de Gestión Integral de Servicios de Emergencias (Sgise), job insecurity reigns, to which we must add a obvious instability”.

David garcia Accompanied by David Abad, councilor of VOX in Alcoy during the visit to the Alcoy fire station, he was able to verify in situ the deficiencies in facilities and his situation of abandonment: "They do not have running water but a simple cistern; they are without air conditioning and without space to change clothes. In addition, the park is in an area, the road to the Font Roja, poorly communicated, difficult to access and far away, since the troops take more than 10 minutes to reach the industrial area of ​​Alcoy.

It so happens that, despite the fact that the Generalitat Valenciana announced several years ago the construction of a new forest fire station in Alcoy, "Nothing has been done" and the Ministry ignores them. “We doubt that its construction will be done this year or next year, leaving the forest firefighters of Alcoy in a denigrating situation, of total abandonment”.

For David García, the situation of this group is unsustainable at the regional level with 24-hour shifts, without an agreement and without even a bonus of danger: “Only the vocation of service of the forest firefighters makes them not abandon and leave Alcoy without firefighters. In fact, this month they were already five days without troops in the area and taking over the Cocentaina park ”.

On the other hand, García has also met with the group of Environmental Agents of the Generalitat Valenciana, who have also transferred their complaints and labor deficiencies to him. "Their complaints, for example, on many occasions are not processed."

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