Cadiz December 14th 2020. Francisco Martín has announced that he has sent a complaint to the representative of VOX in the Andalusian Audiovisual Council about the lack of transparency of the municipal public television of Cádiz, Onda Cádiz.

"Making an analysis of the content published in the domain, or by viewing the news from the municipal channel, it is easy to see that since the November 2019 elections ended, public television seems to have forgotten about the opposition parties in the selection of content that it carries out every day to comply with its informative work, nothing has been published about the second political force in the province, despite the fact that many of the press releases sent by our formation directly concern the capital, such as those referring to Navantia, the industrial sector, the self-employed or SMEs ”, he denounced the VOX coordinator.

It is striking that Onda Cádiz was fined when Teófila Martínez governed the Cádiz city council for lack of plurality and transparency, and that one of the members of the Andalusian Audiovisual Council at that time, Carmen Morillo, the current manager of the municipal chain , is practicing in a more extreme, sectarian and opaque way the practices that caused Onda Cádiz to be proposed for sanction due to the very poor information that municipal television used at that time to show the opposition parties.

Seven years later, and with a party of the extreme left at the head of the municipal government of the capital, Onda Cádiz continues to be a propaganda apparatus of the city government that does not allow other political groups to have a place in it.

“You just have to go to the public television website to be able to verify that the second force in the province is neither there nor is it expected in its news content as if a“ black hand ”wanted to hide the work that our formation performs. Given this situation, we have been forced to request through our representative in the Andalusian Audiovisual Council, Ana Millán, that the time devoted to other political formations in the channel's information programs be investigated ”, announced the VOX coordinator.

Finally, Francisco Martín recalled that the right of access to information is a tool that allows citizens to obtain the data they need to exercise their democratic rights, in an independent responsible manner, rights that once again the most radical left like Adelante Andalusia wants to cut as we are seeing with other events surrounding the United We Can brand since the coronavirus crisis began.

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