• It highlights "the responsibility of the government of Juan Espadas by failing to comply with the regulations on collection and management of this type of highly contagious waste"

Seville, October 25, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council has denounced the presence of waste of sanitary material related to patients infected by Covid-19 in the streets of the Macarena neighborhood.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX Cristina has regretted that “the residents of the Macarena neighborhood check how the Containers for waste located in front of the shelter for the homeless on Perafán de Rivera street, it has been dawn for days with used material scattered on the ground, such as PPE, masks, gowns, gloves, food and biological remains that have been in contact with inmates of the shelter, 25 of which diagnosed with positive in Covid "According to sources from the Vicentine Sisters, the nuns who attend this charity center.

Peláez, has also pointed out that "the neighbors are very concerned about the danger of these biological remains highly polluting, which are lying in the middle of the streets of the neighborhood, and without the Juan Espadas City Council, who is responsible for their collection and management, doing nothing to remove them properly, putting the health of an entire District at risk”, Asserted the municipal spokesperson for VOX.

Peláez, who remains in permanent contact with both the VOX representatives in the District, as well as with various neighborhood associations and groups, collects the complaint from the Sevillians who live in this historic area of ​​the city, and has asserted that “This is another turn of the screw in the neglect, abandonment and neglect of the socialist Juan Espadas towards a neighborhood that is heading for a degradation and conversion into an authentic ghetto in a galloping way ”.

"The residents of La Macarena already support 80% of internment centers and social shelters, most of them collapsed for a long time, a circumstance that VOX has also been insistently denouncing."

Peláez has reproached Mayor Juan Espadas "for not complying with the measures decreed by the government of his party, where the BOE of March 22, 2020 clearly states that this waste is highly contagious, and consequently they must be collected and treated in a differential way and taking extreme hygienic and sanitary measures to preserve the health of all the neighbors ”.

To conclude, Cristina Peláez has stated that “While the central government curtails all Spaniards our freedoms and rights for the sake of a supposed health security that we have never finished achieving, the municipal government of the socialist Juan Espadas obediently cooperates with its boss Pedro Sánchez in the application of restrictive and sanctioning measures for all Sevillians, persecuting merchants, freelancers, bars and sectors such as nightlife, which every day makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to work or even survive "

“While they ruin us financially and restrict our fundamental freedoms, Espadas and his government are not able to adequately manage their municipal powers in matters of biological waste derived from the serious Covid pandemic that is going through all of Spain and now in particular Seville " it is finished.

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