The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has again denounced "the sinuous tactic of the PSOE" to try to implement "at any price" the 'superblocks' in the city at the hands of its neighborhood associations "More faithful".

“As the Association of Neighbors Cierro de El Alisal firmly opposed this 'progressive' occurrence, which tries to expel the car from the city and complicate life for residents in terms of mobility when we go through a pandemic, they have contacted the Association of Neighbors of Pombo, Cañadío and Ensanche, an organization related to his ideas to support his proposal and thus transfer the problem to the residents of the center ”, he criticized.

Pérez-Cosío is not surprised by this deviation from the "superblock" proposal to another area by the Socialists as a means of "ensuring that this time they have the support of a neighborhood association."

"The reality is that the Association of Neighbors of Pombo, Cañada and Ensanche is against any measure that can benefit the neighbor, the hotelier and the merchant, since their criticisms of the terraces, so necessary in this crisis and unique source of income for establishments ”, he indicated. "His latest‘ gaffe ’has been his opposition to those installed in the Río de la Pila, which had even been supported by the neighbors themselves," he added.

One thing is the "elimination of night noise" so that the leisure of some does not become a nightmare for the neighbors and quite another is "to be systematically opposed" to any type of activity because "they are all annoying".

Likewise, the Vox councilor has once again recalled that “the solution in Santander is not to expel the car, but rather to favor public transport by studying its gratuity and to build car parks near the center that facilitate access to this area as a means of recovery for shopping and leisure ”.

"Socialists live oblivious to reality and only listen to those neighbors who think like them and who do not represent the majority," he asserted.

"At Vox we will continue to meet with merchants, hoteliers and neighborhood associations to continue knowing their position regarding the creation of car parks in the center of the city," he declared.

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