Sanlúcar de Bda, August 19, 2020. – Yesterday, the local coordinator, Mª del Carmen Infantes, held a meeting with a group of neighbors from the well-known neighborhood “El Palomar”. These neighbors who belong to Calle Garza show the state of abandonment in which their street is located, invaded for months by rats. These neighbors have called the city council countless times, they have even appeared in it, before the impassivity of the council, who have done nothing to solve the problem.

The situation is becoming more and more untenable, as rats sneak into the homes of these neighbors, with the risk that it entails for the health of children and adults.

This is not the only problem that this neighborhood currently has, abandoned gardens, where the neighbors themselves are the ones who frequently pay a person to condition the area.

After a walk through the neighborhood, Mª del Carmen Infantes, expresses the bad impression that the bad state of the area has caused her. It was 6:30 p.m. and the containers, located next to an inhabited building, remained full of waste as well as broken and in poor condition.

From Vox Sanlúcar we express the bad situation in which this neighborhood of Sanlúcar finds itself and we reiterate our desire that this unsustainable situation be solved by our city council as soon as possible.

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