Seville, August 5, 2020. The municipal group VOX in the City of Sanlúcar la Mayor has denounced the total paralysis suffered by that city.

VOX municipal spokesman Féliox Macías has stated that «immobility in decision-making and the lack of projects for Sanlúcar la Mayor is the dominant trend in the current government team, avoiding the structural problems and necessary reforms that our consistory".

«From the municipal group VOX we ask ourselves what are the plenary sessions for, and what are the agreements reached in them, if later most of them are not executed, complied with or put into operation by the municipal councilors. "

In this sense, Macías pointed out that “it has been months since the municipal plenary session approved some of our proposals, and even today, we are waiting for their execution: the work table to prepare some local civic ordinances in the absence of these, still pending municipal aid for travel and maintenance for cancer patients or patients with serious illnesses who regularly go to health centers for treatment, the cleanup plan and roundabout cleaning, and the modification of urban elements and spaces in our historic center ».

"We also continue to hope that several motions presented by our group will be taken to plenary session more than 5 months ago, consisting of a battery of extraordinary economic and fiscal measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. ″

For his part, the deputy spokesman for the Municipal VOX Group in Sanlúcar la Mayor, Antonio Salado, recalled that "there are as many motions waiting in the drawer, such as the approval of the justification model that audits and accounts for the public money received by the municipal groups, or the request to sign an agreement with OPAEF for the management, processing, resolution and collection of sanctioning files ».

“Even some motion that our group did not present and that we support with our favorable vote, such as the installation of pictograms in pedestrian crossings designed for children with different degrees of autism and with similar diagnoses, are still not implemented today, having passed many months since its approval ».

Salado has asserted in this regard that »the group proposing this motion, Adelante Sanlúcar Avanza, seems not to be due to the task of demanding anything from the current government team, we take advantage of our group, an identical compliance with that of our own measures already approved , not to mention the different writings and requirements that we have registered requesting solutions to the problems cleaning, security, illegal occupations, the need for rehabilitation of municipal offices, the urgency in the restoration and conservation of our heritage, etc. "

«Our group from the first moment that it had representation in the Sanlúcar la Mayor town hall, thanks to the neighbors who trusted in our project, decided not to be a partner of anyone. Our main and inescapable partner is the general interest of our people and its citizens, without half measures. First, being honest with ourselves and our voters, and second, denouncing what we believe does not benefit a positive and future evolution for our people, "he concluded.

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