The Provincial Group of VOX, headed by its deputy and spokesperson, Cristina Jiménez, has denounced that the Socialist Party is making the Diputación de Granada "an instrument at the service of socialist propaganda given the lack of ideas of the Government of José Entrena to confront the health and economic crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic ”.

Regarding these events, Cristina Jiménez has stated that “the PSOE of Granada, with José Entrena at the head, is trying to take a step beyond what it means to govern the highest provincial institution and is trying, with the connivance of Adelante Andalucía and Izquierda United, to appropriate it and use it as a mere propaganda instrument for the PSOE so that the initiatives and proposals of the opposition are annulled and silenced ”.

The provincial spokesperson of VOX has given as an example the official statement of the Diputación de Granada in relation to the last plenary session held by the institution: “In the last plenary session of September, different initiatives were approved both by the Socialist Government and its followers Adelante Andalucía and Izquierda Unida, and the opposition of VOX, Popular Party and Citizens. However, the official press release of the Diputación de Granada on said plenary session becomes a praise to the PSOE and its partners Adelante Andalucía and Izquierda Unida, but they silence each and every one of the opposition initiatives that were approved in the session plenary. The political bias with respect to the communication policy of the Diputación de Granada is a real grotesque and embarrassing, especially when such important proposals as that of the VOX Provincial Group were approved, for the adoption of urgent measures to promote the Motril maritime line- Melilla, and it ended up being news in all the media, despite the crude attempt to silence the Socialist Party ”.

Finally, Cristina Jiménez has warned that “from VOX we are not going to consent to the totalitarian bias and political sectarianism of the institutions perpetrated by the Socialist Party and the ultra-left, which seems to be getting so much taste at the national level that it is also they want to export to the province of Granada. VOX will not tolerate an attempt to censor the opposition, or an attempt to undermine political pluralism: VOX will always defend freedom and democracy ”.

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