Seville, October 9, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the Seville City Council denounces the unfortunate state of abandonment by the City Council of the statue of Columbus in the park of San Jerónimo, and claim your relocation to a prominent place in Seville; the statue is the largest in Spain made of bronze with a height of 32 meters inside an egg 45 meters high and it was a donation from the Moscow City Council to the city of Seville; currently shows a state of total deterioration, it is completely abandoned, victim of vandalism and without maintenance by the Seville City Council, which is the one that should be in charge of its conservation.

The spokesperson for VOX in the Consistory of Seville, Cristina Peláez, has pointed out that "this statue in addition to being subjected to a proper cleaning, repair and conservation process, It should be moved to a more prominent place in Seville, where it can be visited by the general public., both local and foreign, being a faithful reflection and iconic witness of the great Spanish feat whose key date was October 12, 1492, the largest company ever contemplated for centuries without a doubt, Hispanidad ".

Peláez, accompanied by neighbors and VOX members of the Northern District Board, visited the current location of the statue of Colón in the San Jerónimo park, and denounced that “The abandonment to which the socialist City Council has subjected it is a real shame, causing criminals to take pieces of bronze from the statue that they later sell on the black market, they are scrapping it with total impunity before the passivity of the municipal government of Juan Espadas, that does absolutely nothing to protect and conserve it, they are stealing a unique piece of Seville's history from under our noses, another added example of municipal neglect towards the San Jerónimo neighborhood, already punished by numerous problems of insecurity, dirt and shantytown ”.

Along the same lines, the councilor and deputy spokesperson for VOX in the Seville City Council stated, Gonzalo García de Polavieja, who declared that "we still have time to move it to another place that dignifies this monument and what it represents," noting that “In November 2019, almost a year ago, and at the plenary seat of the City Council, we summoned the government of Juan Espadas for his transfer, he told us that they would study him, and we have verified that once again the current mayor of Seville is not keeping his word, since he has neither studied it nor has any intention of doing so, because for the PSOE and its communist partners of Podemos, Colón is an uncomfortable, annoying figure, who damages the story of the radical left that tries to rewrite history and detract from the greatness of Spain ”.

To conclude Cristina Peláez has stated that “Faced with the radical and totalitarian left, which demolishes statues of Christopher Columbus in the US, emulating the Taliban, the same left that in Spain discriminates, hides and sullies the deed of the Admiral and the Spaniards who lead civilization, the abolition of sacrifices humans, culture, religion and science to the New World, and on the eve of the 528th anniversary of the discovery of America, from VOX we are going to give the cultural battle, that which others have given up giving; in VOX we claim with pride and without complexes our culture, history, religion and their influence on Western civilization ”.

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