Denounces “the obsession of the PSOE to indoctrinate in gender to the smallest to those who have made see alleged problems that Spanish society has not or has long since overcome”

Defends "the parental pin as a retaining wall against indoctrination" a measure that "VOX will maintain despite the aggressiveness of the left that wants to avoid the critical spirit of the new generations of Spaniards"

Seville, March 9, 2020. The spokesperson for the VOX Municipal Group in the Umbrete City Council, Diego Soto, denounced this Monday the use of schoolchildren of several public centers of the municipality, by the City Council, to fill an ideological act related to March 8, International Women's Day, held in the municipal booth.

In this regard, Soto said that the mayor "has not hesitated to apply the pure and hard indoctrination to the schoolchildren of the three public centers of Umbrete, Prince Felipe, Ruperto Escobar and Arcu, of the Pino Rueda Institute and of the Marcelo Spínola Professional School, to whom has undergone a rally under the guise of an institutional act actually converted into an act of the Socialist Party as can be clearly seen in the video that accompanies this public complaint. ”

The VOX municipal spokesman has lamented “the PSOE's obsession to indoctrinate the little ones in gender, without shame, to those who force to attend, in school hours to a political act in which they have been made to see supposed problems that Spanish society does not have or has overcome for a long time"

Thus, Diego Soto has lamented “the substance and forms of the rally perpetrated by Mayor Joaquín Fernández and the delegate of equality, Angélica Ruiz that it would make sense if the auditorium had been composed of militants and supporters of the Socialist Party, but not of school-age children"

“We would like to know if the parents who have authorized the presence of their children in this ideological act they knew the true nature of it, but we fear that they have not had enough prior information on the content of the speeches and their protagonists. ”

The spokesperson of the VOX group in the Umbreteño City Council He has defended “the parental pin as a retaining wall before the indoctrination of our children in the public school; a measure that VOX will maintain despite the aggressiveness of the leftist parties that want to avoid the critical spirit of the new generations of Spaniards and who can think for themselves. ”

“The logical and normal thing is that the City Council of Umbrete celebrated this institutional act of International Women's Day on the corresponding date, that is, yesterday, Sunday, but they preferred to transfer it to Monday because otherwise, no school would have attended it, so we can conclude that, basically, they have been forced to attend ”, it is finished.

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