The working groups of VOX in Vinaroz, Peñíscola and Benicarló, led by their respective coordinators, Josué Brito, Antonio Curto and Elisabeth cousin, this weekend you have deployed information tables along the north coast of the province.

All of them have had the presence of the Provincial President of the VOX, Plains Massóas well as that of other prominent party members.

In Benicarló, the National Deputy of VOX by Castellón, Alberto Asarta.

All the citizens who so wished could come to collect information from the party of Santiago Abascal and its organization in the province.

The growth of VOX In the province of Castellón it is evident and is reflected in the number of people who attend each of its events, Vinaróz, Peñíscola and Benicarló have been no exception

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