The national deputies of VOX for Almería, Rocío De Meer and Carlos Fernández-Roca, have registered a question in Congress to find out what concrete measures does the Government plan to adopt in the province of Almería in relation to progressive de-escalation.

According to published information, if de-escalation, the progressive end of confinement, occurs in the near future, the province of Almería could be the first to begin this process.

The deputy Carlos Fernández-Roca affirms that, "The priority of our parliamentary group is to preserve the health security of all Spaniards and save lives." However, VOX has asked the Government for specific measures in the province of Almería in relation to the de-escalation.

After the data updated this Friday, April 24 in Almería, there are 513 confirmed positives, that is, 21 more than 24 hours ago. Our province continues to be the least affected by the pandemic with a rate that does not reach 70 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In addition, adds Fernández-Roca, that the measures that are being carried out by the Government "They are unreliable and improvised." "We demand that the measures adopted have a clear purpose."

The Government now has, in accordance with Article 190 of the Regulations of the Congress, a period of 20 days to respond, and this period may be extended at the request of the Executive for another 20 days.

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